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ISEE Test Prep Tutoring in Houston

ISEE Expert Certified Elementary Teachers At Your Location

Elementary school is the foundation that often decides the level of quality of education that defines a student’s career. The learning outcomes of elementary school are the foundation years for math, science, art, and languages that set the stage for a trajectory toward college readiness. While there is some debate on when a child should start private tutoring, there is no debate that elementary admissions are much more competitive today to get into any prestigious and sought-after private school. Contact Us

With so many parents vying for so few spots and admissions tests like the ISEE, it can take a lot of planning and preparation to get your child into the first elementary school of your choice. Our ISEE test prep tutors are actual professional certified elementary teachers (not part-time college tutors) who are experts in the specifics of the ISEE and know how to help students score high on the test. Our ISEE test prep tutors are guaranteed to level the playing field for your student by providing ongoing age-appropriate ISEE tutoring with individual assessment and learning focus.

Advanced Planning

Unlike test preparation for required exams where the goal is simply to pass, a student needs more than just practice if the goal is to obtain a score in the top 5%. You will want to plan months in advance with respect to the test schedule to begin the tutoring. Our Texas certified teachers work with the student on the best test-taking strategies required to optimize chances of the highest score possible, as well as knowledge of the material. It’s not enough just to have experience tutoring the test, and it’s not enough just to have mastery of all the subject matter in the classroom. Our expert teachers who specialize in test prep tutoring for the ISEE have both.

Flexible Scheduling

Keeping a set schedule is not a strict requirement when it comes to ISEE tutoring. A parent can schedule regular weekly tutoring sessions (recommended), but also make changes and add additional time if and when needed. The freedom of scheduling also allows a parent to see what time works best for them and for their child. Teachers 2 Go is the largest booking agency in Houston with thousands of teachers on our roster, so we have many excellent ISEE experts. This can be an advantage if you have a conflict, or if scheduling changes arise.

Controlled Environment

In addition to helping with scheduling consistency, ISEE tutoring at home allows a student to be in a more comfortable and familiar environment. This can make it easier to maintain focus. There will likely be no surprises to hinder a child's concentration. In fact, children often learn more effectively in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with, and focus is one of the main keys to developing strategies for tests like the ISEE.

Second Languages

If English is not your child’s first language or if he/she is multi-lingual, scoring high in language arts on the ISEE test may pose an additional challenge. If this is a consideration, please let us know so we are aware of any additional needs. We may be able to bring you a bilingual teacher if needed. We may also be able to provide additional language tutoring or ESL lessons with a test-taking focus to optimize your student’s abilities. With thousands of multi-lingual and bilingual teachers, we can provide your child with the right foundation to optimize his or her success.

How We Can Help

Our ISEE Professional Teachers focus on:

1. Language skills (reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension)
2. Facilitating logic and critical thinking ability
3. Test strategies specific to the ISEE test
4. General test-taking strategies to optimize time
5. Boosting self-confidence
6. Making the process fun
7. Prepping for target elementary schools
8. Coaching for admissions goals

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