We provide today's busy professionals and their families with the best teachers available for on-location instruction, through a convenient concierge service.


There are many ways to take advantage of our education concierge services for all ages:

Tutoring & Lessons In Your Home

Tutoring & Lessons At Your School

Classes At Your Company

Classes & Lessons At Our Location

Tutoring & Lessons In Your home

Teachers 2 Go brings the experts to you! Lessons are provided in the comfort of your own home. Here's how it works:

1.   Contact us by email or phone and provide us with the following information:

Subject or Activity
Approximate location (zip code and nearest intersection)
Age and level of student (prior experience)

2.   We will get back to you and provide you with information on availability, as well as further information about our rates and policy.

3.   Let us know when you are available for lessons (days of the week and times), and we will respond back to you with scheduling options. We will then agree on a time with you and an instructor who is appropriate for your needs.

4.   Once we have the scheduling in place and locked in, we will provide you with a sign up form. The sign up form includes information about our cancellation policy -- please read this over carefully. We will also need advanced payment for the first month's lessons prior to the first lesson.

5.   That's it! Once the sign up form and first month's payment are received, you will receive confirmation of the first lesson date along with all personal contact information for the instructor, and lessons will begin on the day for which they are scheduled!

Tutoring & Lessons At Your School

Teachers 2 Go provides classes as well as private lessons for after-school programs in Houston area schools.

We'll work with you to tailor a program that fits the needs of the school, the students, and the parents.

Private Lessons

Private lessons for after-school programs are taught one-on-one. Students sign up and prepay for lessons at the beginning of the semester. For each type of subject/activity, we generally require at least 3 students to sign-up in order for it to be offered. Depending on the enrollment count and type of subject/activity desired, we'll work with the school every step of the way to schedule and provide a successful curriculum.


Classes for after-school programs are taught in a classroom setting. We have excellent classroom instructors that can provide classes full of fun and engaging activities that have been very well received by students of all ages.

Classes At Your Company

Click here for more information about classes at your company location.

Classes & Lessons At Our Location

Our office is located at:
800 Wilcrest Dr, Suite #258
Houston, TX 77042

We currently offer classes and private lessons in English ESL (speaking & pronunciation), piano, guitar and other instruments at our location.

Studio lessons are by appointment only.

Please call the Teachers 2 Go number (713)789-2352 to schedule.

If at any point in time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.