Global English requires being understood, and pronunciation is the key. Your accent doesn’t matter as long as you are understood. Being bilingual is an advantage. If you are having trouble being understood, you can speak clearly and confidently. You did NOT get this training in your English classes.

About the Instructor

Sample Lesson (Pronunciation of Past Tense “ed”)

David Brake has a background in sound-based training and practice, and has been teaching ESL English speaking, pronunciation and accent training since 2014. David began as a voice major at the University of Michigan, and later completed his TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) training and teaching certification from Texas A&M with a perfect grade point average of 100%. David uses his own methodology combined with and heavily influenced by: diction and phonetics training (Professor McCollum at University of Michigan), experience with speech therapy and voice rehabilitation (Dr. Sharon Radionoff), language exchange practices (Becoming Bilingual & LAMP), Judy Thompson (English pronunciation), ESL English Communicative Language Teaching and Audio-Lingual Method techniques (TESOL at A&M), and his vast experience with dialect coaching.

David’s curriculum creates a path forward for students that begins with ear training and sound-based practice, and ends with real world communication. This training uses a standard announcer’s generic neutral American accent, so you will be understood wherever you go, no matter who you are speaking English with. Whether you are speaking global English to other non-native speakers or talking to first language speakers in an English speaking country, the words you say will be understood. David believes in creating opportunities for students to practice communication without anxiety, so lessons and classes are given in a stress-free environment and language exchange & ongoing practice opportunities with real world partners are provided.


  • Advance your career opportunities
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Communicate more effectively at work, on the phone, and socially
  • Speak clearly and repeat yourself less often
  • Speak publicly and give effective presentations
  • Increase your fluency and comprehension
  • Invest in yourself and change your life