Houston English Speaking Class


Speak English Confidently In Eight Weeks*

ESL English Speaking Small Group Classes in West Houston
(2-8 Students per Class) at Our Location

Speaking in English is not simply writing spoken out loud. Speaking and writing in English are very different skills that use a completely different set of rules. If you want to increase your ability to speak English quickly or are looking for American accent training, accent reduction, or accent modification, this class is for you. This class will teach you how to speak American English like native speakers and sound fully bilingual.

With a new understanding of how talking in English really works, students will be able to get better jobs, speak publicly and improve communication with first language English speakers. At the end of each course, we match students with American native English speaker volunteers so they can continue practicing and improving at no additional cost. We are the only ESL course in Houston that matches you with an American native speaker practice partner at the end of the course.

This course is recommended for Beginner students who want to start speaking English quickly and accelerate their English studies, Intermediate students who want to apply for entry-level jobs or improve TOEFL speaking test scores, and Advanced students who want to pursue promotions or new positions in their chosen field. Highly recommended for anyone who is having trouble being understood or who is worried about their accent. Learn to speak English and be understood clearly in eight weeks. We also offer professional training packages for companies.

There are no registration fees. Pay as you go and stop at any time, or pay for the complete course in advance (16 classes) and receive a discount. *Additional practice and homework time outside of class is required. All classes are held at our office location: 800 Wilcrest Dr. Suite #258, Houston, TX 77042.

Speak English Confidently In Eight Weeks*

Classes meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 noon for eight weeks in May and June. We are now accepting students for the next course that begins on Tuesday, May 7th. Classes are twice a week from May 7th through the last class on June 27th.

Beginner Level 3 to very highest Advanced levels will all benefit. (Minimum Requirements: must know basic written English, English alphabet, your first name, numbers 1-10, basic colors.)

All classes are Tuesdays/Thursdays for one hour from 12PM-1PM, except the first class is 1.5 hours (12PM-1:30PM) on May 7th. There are no refunds for student cancellations, please respect that you are taking someone else's spot.

There are no classes on the following observed holidays:

New Year's Day - 1/1
President's Day - 2/18
Memorial Day - 5/27
Independence Day - 7/4
Labor Day - 9/2
Thanksgiving - 11/28
Day After Thanksgiving - 11/29
December 21st - January 1st

Cost: $25/class pay-as- you-go (payable before the beginning of each class) or $325 if you pay in advance when you register for the entire course (all 16 classes).

What Teachers Are Saying About This Method

"My students were amazed with their results compared to traditional methods. "Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?", they cried. All they wanted was to be understood when they talk, express themselves in their new country, to make friends, and to have a voice. My students learned how English speaking really works, and how to be understood by and communicate with native speakers. Gone were their concerns about having an accent once they learned the tools of speaking English. Then they went out in the world, volunteered in their communities, got jobs and made friends. The world became their classroom. There was no conversation they couldn’t manage, and no idea they couldn’t express."

- Professor of English Judy Thompson, Sheridan College

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Private ESL Speaking & Accent Modification Pronunciation Training (Individual 1-to-1 Lessons): $50/hr scheduled by appointment. Contact us.