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ESL English & Accent Modification Training

Clear American English In Eight Weeks. Guaranteed.

Has your company just hired the perfect international executive or key employee, but he or she is difficult to understand? Do you need to train a contingent or group of employees or contractors to speak American English clearly? Have you been promoted to a position where you suddenly need to communicate with and be clearly understood by American English speakers? Are you a multi-lingual professional being asked to say things twice when you speak English in order for people to understand you? If basic written English is already known, we can fix your spoken English in eight weeks with 24 hours of classes or less. Guaranteed.

How much money would you save on translation and how much time on communication if your key employees were truly bilingual? If spoken English is a problem, we are the solution. We quickly enable non-native English speaking employees to speak American English clearly in eight weeks. We are so confident in our ability to accomplish this, that we offer the first project at no cost if you are not satisfied. If at the end of the first eight week period of any on-site course or training (classes or private sessions) you are not 100% satisfied, you owe nothing and the training is on us. We are that confident that we can enable any executive or employee to speak English effectively and clearly in eight weeks or less, with 24 hours of classes and 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily practice time. How do we know? Because we offer group classes and expert one-to-one private coaching developed by the most effective specialists worldwide in English pronunciation.

Here’s what the competition won’t tell you. When you speak English, everyone has an accent. (Yes, EVERYONE - including all native English speakers!) You don't need to completely "lose" your accent. Your accent is part of your personality, and spending months or years to make your accent completely disappear is a good way to spend unnecessary time and energy. The truth is your accent will not make you less effective, as long as you are UNDERSTOOD. If you can't communicate quickly with American speakers or you have to say things twice because you are not understood, that is what is ineffective--NOT your accent.

The good news is, we can fix you or your employees' ability to understand and speak English clearly in eight weeks, with 24 hours of training and 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily practice time between classes--guaranteed. Our teachers who came up with this course are among a select few specialists in the world who have taught hundreds of executives and professionals who were suddenly promoted to levels where they had to speak American English frequently. These private English teachers have worked personally with executives worldwide in the largest banks and Fortune 500 companies, and collectively have taught professionals in over 70 countries to speak English successfully and communicate effectively with American English speakers.

We know you understand the value of working with the right people. Our ESL training only does one thing, but we do it very well. We quickly and effectively teach foreign language speakers and global English speaking executives, employees, and contractors to speak American English clearly in less than eight weeks. Contact us today, and let us bring the fast-track to clear English speaking and confidence to your location.


Group Classes (Your Location) - $200/class, up to 10 students, each class is 1.5 hours, recommended 2-3x/week, up to 10 miles from our location.

Individual Training (Your Location) - $150/hour (minimum 1 hour per visit), up to 10 miles from our location.

Individual Training (Our Location) - $100/hour (minimum 1 hour per visit)

More than 10 students, over 10 miles from our location, travel outside of Houston, or lessons via Skype: Call or email for quote.

A few words from the instructors who contributed material to this course:

"Most (I think all) of the hundreds of executives (English was not their first language) I taught were promoted to levels where they suddenly had to use English frequently. They lacked confidence they could do this effectively and needed a quick fix."

"I taught for the big banks - ████ in Brazil and the ████ Bank here. ████ - one of the biggest companies in the world, and ████ - a huge international company. Engineers, accountants, executives, sales representatives...lots of engineers actually."

"I have lived and taught in China, South Korea, India, Brazil and Spain. A book with my methods has been published in 50+ countries. As an ESL teacher for the ████ college and an ESL and English teacher at ████ University, I taught adult students from more than 50 countries."

"I conducted workshops for teachers and international students in 15 - 20 major colleges and universities. If you want me to I can take a few minutes and count them up. I spoke at TESOL and countless TESL conferences, and was often the keynote at these conferences."

Our teachers are all English speakers born in America and are trained in English language acquisition methods previously only available to the highest paying international companies for tens of thousands of dollars per program. For the first time, we are now able to bring you the same training at a price that's much more affordable.

Do you want to improve your employees’ or contractors’ ability to speak English with native speakers, or enable them to speak English publicly? Have you been promoted to a position where you suddenly need to speak English and be clearly understood? Has your company just hired the perfect international executive or key employee, but he or she is difficult to understand? Do you need to train a whole contingent of employees or contractors to speak clearly? Are you or your employees having trouble speaking English even though you or they have already taken English classes? Are you being asked to say things twice when you speak English because English speakers can’t understand you? Or do you just want to learn to speak American English and be understood by native speakers better and faster than any other course? (Not just Global English, American English --like native speakers!) Then this is the training you need.

We only do one thing in this course: enable executives and employees to speak English clearly in eight weeks. Now for the first time, it is affordable on-site for almost any company to retain and optimize communication of the best worldwide talent. Try our private sessions or classes at your location, and experience the benefit of consistent and accurate communication in your workplace.

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Hands On Training Workshops

Through our corporate class program, employees pursue training with our classes and workshops at your location with our expert instructors. Classes can be scheduled over lunch for lunchtime learning, immediately after work or before, or at designated times during regular work hours.

Businesses can benefit from our timesaving on-site programs and fun & flexible classes. With passion, creativity, and a diverse network of connections, we customize solutions that keep your company and employees learning and moving forward.

We specialize in tailoring concierge programs that redefine the way companies connect with employees and the way employees connect with each other, creating memorable experiences and learning environments that boost satisfaction and profitability.

Continuous learning can mean valuable training or employee perks, and by offering a unique combination of classes, personal training, and lunch-time catered workshop options, we put learning and productivity on your side.

Teachers 2 Go provides options for on-site classes at your company in a variety of subjects and activities, including the following:

Mobile Responsive Design
HTML/CSS Web Development
Social Media
& Much More!

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Cultural Onboarding Coaches

For new expatriate employees and their families not familiar with our culture, moving to the U.S. can be a huge change. Many every day questions often go unanswered.

We provide private in-home coaching and instruction in languages, as well as cultural adaptation in many niche areas of expertise.

From sports to cuisine, and geographic familiarity to building credit, it can help to have guides who can provide a better understanding during this transition.

Teachers 2 Go provides personal coaches and instructors in needed areas of expertise to help make this new environment more comfortable.

Contact us for more information.