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Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Classes

Do you have to repeat yourself when you speak English? Do you feel shy speaking in conversations or meetings? Could your native language accent be a factor in self confidence or job advancement?

We specialize in ESL private instruction and English classes for adult students who want to improve their ability to speak and learn English. Many of our students achieve a level of English that is impossible to distinguish from a native speaker's.

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"I highly recommend Teachers 2 Go for improving English pronunciation."
-Sait Bahar/International Graduate at Rice University

We are the only affordable & effective adult ESL class private accent training intensive English program for American English Pronunciation in Houston.

Cost: $75/One Hour Private Session
$25/One Hour Lunchtime Class (Tue & Thu Only)

Notice: Group classes for $25 are temporarily cancelled due to COVID-19. If you are a new student interested in accent reduction group classes, we suggest taking our www.24hrEnglish.com online course first. It is the same as the beginning of the group class curriculum.

English pronunciation and accent modification are skills you can learn in eight weeks or less with 16 hours of classes.
Our personalized training and small group classes teach you how to speak clearly with fluency and self-confidence coming from any other language in eight weeks. This is exactly what our English course and expert ESL pronunciation training does.
Learn to speak clear, intelligible English,
so anyone can understand you.
Benefits and Results after eight weeks include:
  • Confidence
  • Ability to Speak in Public
  • Effective Communication
  • Increased Job Advancement
  • Ability to Understand Texas Accent & Southern Accent
  • Job Interview Training Acceleration
  • Natural Ability to Express Yourself
  • Correctly Articulating American Sounds
  • Applying Native-like Stress and Intonation Patterns
We can help you change old speaking habits and communicate clearly and effectively in every situation.
We also help with:
How are we different from our competitors?
  1. Trust. Our company has offered classes in Houston with the best qualified teachers for over 10 years, with a perfect A+ rating from the BBB.
  2. Extra Trust. Reviews and endorsements from real customers and students, not incognito "website marketing text" with only first name or initials.
  3. Still More Trust. A company with an office location and classroom accessible at any time by appointment where we are glad to meet with you in person, not a traditional foreign language school or church with the same old classes or someone selling services out of their home.
  4. Fair Prices, Not Greed. Our mission is to help as many English language learners as possible become fully bilingual speakers in Houston. Local competitors charge up to 10x more for this same training simply because they can, and require much longer to complete.
  5. Free Care & Help. You are our heroes. What you are doing is not easy, and we don’t want you to give up. We are involved with local community non-profit organizations to make sure everyone has continuous help and practice beyond their classes. This is the only course in Houston where every student who finishes is guaranteed that we will match you with a native English speaker volunteer for continuous practice and development after completing the course. There is no additional cost for this service, it is part of our commitment.
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English Pronunciation Tips

Vowel Sounds
One of the most difficult aspects of spoken English is the difference between the vowel characters (spelling) and the actual sounds they make in spoken English.

Written letters (particularly vowel characters) are actually deceptive, and do not correspond to a particular vowel sound. Nowhere is this more true than with the most common sound in English - the schwa /ə/, which sounds like “uh”. The truth is, any vowel (a,e,i,o,u,) can sound like /uh/ at any time.

You can’t trust your eyes with spoken English, only your ears. The sounds are the key to making sense out of crazy English spelling, and there are many more than 5 vowel sounds. That’s why native speakers learn the sounds first, with nursery rhymes.